Tuesday, August 13, 2013

When Life Hands You a Lemonade Set...

One of Bert's birthday presents was a plastic lemonade set, with pitcher, cups and saucers, a spoon, and even a tiny ice cube tray. It was a bit of an impulse buy, but he loved the tea set of a little girl he often plays with, and this seemed like a a more gender-neutral option.

Occasionally I will put a bit of water in the pitcher for him and let him pour it in the cups while he plays in the kitchen (where it is easy to clean up) and he likes to sip out of the little cups as well.

A few nights ago, Keith took it one step further, helping Bert to make lemonade, with a real lemon, sugar, and tiny ice cubes.

Bert got such a kick out of it, and loved sipping out of the cup and sharing it with Mommy and Daddy. Now if we could just get him to wash the dishes...

Keith is so good about doing things like this with Bert, while I often hesitate to jump into anything that might make more of a mess. I have to stop and remind myself that kids will be messy, and what's one more swipe of the table with the washcloth in the course of the day?

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