Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Update: The Big Boy Room

Bert's been in his big boy room for almost two months now, and am I way overdue for updating you on a few of the finishing touches. We still have a few things to hang on the walls, and perhaps curtains to add, but we are pleased with how things came together.

A faux bear skin rug from Cabela's...

The art, finally up on the walls. Most of it is old magazine ads and covers from the 20s and 30s. The frames came from Michael's during a buy one, get one free sale.

Maybe not everyone's choice of art for a toddler's room...

A print my dad won at an NRA dinner...

The lamp base was turned by a friend of my dad's and the shade came from Target. The tiny bear next to it was made by my friend Claudia years ago.

A barrel found in Maine for a nightstand.

And the finished quilt! My aunt did a fantastic (and speedy!) job with it.

My dad made Bert a little stool for Christmas, and it works perfectly at the end of his bed for a step up.

Let me show you...

And shelves full of books!

Sorry the shots are so awkward; it's a small room and tough to get good angles on, let alone good lighting.

Bert seems to like his room, and hopefully it will grow with him.


  1. I love his room! (It's better in person, of course). I like that you used the furniture from your childhood. It fits perfectly with the rustic theme.

  2. Awww...so many wonderful personal touches! Love the vintage magazine ads...I'm contemplating doing the same thing with vintage books but can't seem to get the courage up to tear them apart.


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