Thursday, April 25, 2013

Join the Club

Yep, we are officially parents. I mean, we have been for almost two years now, but the arrival of this huge hand-me-down makes it an official decree.

We have joined the ranks of people that will put anything in their yard for their child's amusement.

I got a call from a friend last week about this play set that her kids had outgrown (passed on from another friend whose kids had outgrown it), asking if Bert would get some use out of it. We said sure, we'd take it, and headed over Saturday morning to pick it up. It took a little wrangling to fit it into Keith's truck, with a few pieces in the trunk of my vehicle, but it all made it home and went together pretty easily.

Bert, as you might have guessed, is pretty much in love with his club house. I think the other kids called it a pirate ship because of the steering wheel and telescope on the one end and portholes in the middle. So a pirate club ship maybe?

It has a clock...

And a table with two little stools...

And a slide...

Hmm, that move might need some work.

And a chalkboard.

Yes, his chalk is in a tin beer mug. Actually, I think it had root beer at a lumberjack festival originally.

Hey baby, wanna come up to my place?

So far, he has stayed busy enough up there to afford me a little time to sit with a book. I'm hoping it is amusing enough through the summer that he can be outside without running off while I work in the garden. 

A big thanks to the families that passed this on to us!

1 comment:

  1. We'll be over to play!

    My boys love that house, when it was at its previous location. I'm glad Bert is enjoying it!


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