Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Easter, Anyone?

I just realized today, a week and a half after the fact, that I never posted a single word about our Easter weekend. Huh. Here goes.

First off, I neglected to take many pictures. It was one of those weekends that was so blissfully full of family and just enjoying each other that I hardly thought of the camera at all.

Keith was off Friday, so we headed up to my parents first thing in the morning, arriving around 10 a.m. My Mom-mom and Grandpop got there around lunchtime, and from then on out, it was just visiting and being entertained by Bert. And Keith got drug off by my dad to work on some undefined project. And my brother was around too, always a treat.

Saturday morning, I met up with my best friend for breakfast and chatting. Then after lunch, Mommy, Mom-mom, Bert and I did a little shopping, and stopped in a farm supply to check out the ducklings and peeps. Why my mom didn't offer to keep one on the farm for Bert, I don't know. I also got to check out Bert's quilt that my aunt is quilting for me, and it looks incredible. Saturday evening involved dinner from one of our favorite pizza/sandwich/salad places and just hanging out.

Sunday morning Bert dug into his Easter basket, which I did actually manage to get a few shots of.

The Easter bunny brought some snacks, colored bath tablets, sidewalk chalk, a stuffed Pluto dog, and books. Uncle Travis got the pleasure of reading Curious George Goes Camping immediately upon discovery.

Easter dinner was wonderful, with perhaps the most delicious spiral ham I have ever had. Afterwards, Mom-mom and Grandpop got on the road and the rest of us headed down over the hill to visit with the family gathered at Grammy and Grandpop's house. After that, we loaded up and headed home. Bert fell asleep before we were even a mile down the road.

It was a relaxing, delightful, and belly-filling weekend and we loved every minute of it. Even the weekend-long hunt for Travis's car keys, which involved retracing steps all over the county, only to discover them sandwiched in his wallet a few hours before he was set to leave. No Travis, we won't let you live that one down.

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