Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Snow Day

Considering Bert hadn't even started crawling by this time last year, there wasn't much of an opportunity to go out and play in the snow last winter. Now that he is most definitely on the go, some snowy fun is right up his alley.

The snow has been coming down steadily all morning, covering the grass and starting to stick to the street. I decided it was high time to suit him up and take him out to play. Stuffed into his boots and snow pants, he had a hard time walking and when he fell over, he would just lay there until I picked him up. Sometimes he would catch himself with his hands but couldn't push himself back up because he couldn't bend his knees, so he just hung out there, saying, "Up," until I helped him out. We built a Bert-sized snowman, traipsed around for a bit, and then came back in.

The only thing missing was a cup of hot chocolate when we came inside. Well, missing for Bert. I had one.

1 comment:

  1. I should have brought Jude over! Though I felt he'd probably just tumble over too and want me to hold him the whole time. S was out for a while, having a fun time with the neighbors and a snowman sized to rival yours.

    I'm wondering if you also find it puzzling why manufacturers don't make kids' gloves that go all the way to the elbow? That drives me nuts, that bare strip of wrist skin. I sense an entrepreneurial endevour here.


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