Saturday, October 11, 2014

The Big One for the Little One

I already waxed on about Elliott last week ahead of his actual birthday, and I am a little delayed in getting some birthday photos up.

We had dinner and cake with Keith's parents to celebrate, and Elliott was so serious about the whole thing.

He was mesmerized by his pop-pop's deep voice when we all sang "Happy Birthday."

Elliott was completely perplexed by a big chunk of cake...

...and wouldn't eat it until it was cut in bite-sized pieces. Then he devoured it.

Then came a few presents to open.

He mostly just wanted to walk around with them still wrapped.

 Good thing he has a big brother to help.

Now he's got the idea!

It was a nice evening and it always wonderful when birthdays can be shared with family!

As for the cake, it had to be egg and milk-free, and actually turned out quite well. (You can find the recipe here.) Since icing made out of shortening didn't sound very appealing, I just decorated it with some powdered sugar. I made some train shapes by tracing cookie cutters and cutting them out of paper, but I think I was the only one who knew what was going on. And we reused Colter's "1" candle to top it off.

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