Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Who Had a Little Curl?

This is all Keith's doing. Do you see this head of hair, and all those curls?

This kids knows what's coming. And he's not happy about it.

Keith insisted it was time to cut his hair. (To be fair, all the men in the family agreed.) On went the 1" guide on the clippers, off went those lovely curls.

Where did my baby go? Oh, he is growing up too fast.

Haircuts were not a hit on the quarter-acre. And Colter said I needed a trim, but I declined the DIY 'do. Though it has been months since I got a haircut...

The saddest part is that Elliott likes to play with his hair when he gets tired and when he went to do it later that evening, it was barely long enough for him to hold on to. 


  1. Oh, those curls were sooo cute! Good for you, passing on the trim. Every mommy needs to go get pampered a bit, even if it is just a trim!

  2. Poor Bella may get a hair cut by her 2nd birthday.


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