Thursday, May 22, 2014

Let's Talk

Colter is quite the chatterbox, and he often says funny (and sweet) things. So funny (to us, anyway) that we've taken to writing them down. I'm going to share a few from the last year, but be warned: there's some potty talk. And not 4-letter words, unless that word is "poop."

Me: When Elliott is born, Mommy will have to go to the hospital. Will you come visit us?
Colter: No.
Me: I'll be in the hospital for a few days, and you can come meet your baby brother.
Colter: I'll stay right here.

Colter: (talking about Elliott) We forgot to put gasoline on his pee-pee. 
(He meant Vaseline.)

Colter: I love my daddy because we go in the basement and work on our workbenches.

Colter: (laying next to Elliott) We're dreaming about rhino rides and tractors.

Colter: (to Elliott) Would you like your burp cloth so you can burp and spit up all your milk?

Colter: (sees a coffee pot in a store) I would like to buy that coffee pot.
Me: You would? What would you do with a coffee pot?
Colter: I would make Daddy some coffee.

Me: You are my sunshine.
Colter: I am your golden rock.

Keith: We use money to buy food. Where do we get the money?
Colter: At Turkey Hill.
(That's where the ATM is!)

Colter: (after putting his stuffed monkey, Percy, on the Boppy on my lap) Percy needs to eat.

Colter: I'm going to read you a story…Once upon a time there was a star and it loved its mommy. And a spider crawled on it. And then it crawled off. That was a great story.

Colter: (as Keith got home from work and put his wallet and money clip away) Awwwww…I just want your money.

Colter: It's good to pee on the farm.
(Further questioning revealed that he and Keith had an involved conversation about how the guys pee outside on the farm, but that he shouldn't do it in our yard.)

Colter: I'm just going to leave my work clothes on. These are my work pants, this is my work shirt, and I even have work underwear.

Me: (talking to Keith) It would be ok if there were subcategories.
Colter: I like cat parties!

Colter: (clearing his throat) Daddies and Poppers and Pop-pops do that.

Me: (talking to Keith) It would be good to be within walking distance.
Colter: Walking biscuits?!?
Keith: Walking biscuits?
Colter: If they had legs!

Colter has a shamrock-shaped pancake for St. Patrick's Day.
Keith: Mommy made you a special pancake. What does it look like?
Colter: It looks like….cauliflower!

Colter: The flowers are sad because we're not looking at them.

Colter: (to Elliott) You have a crazy outfit.

Colter: (to a random woman at the library) My daddy is Bob and I am just Kevin.

Colter: We have to turn the fan on and get all the stink from the poop out.
Me: Oh yeah? Where did you learn that?
Colter: Popper.

Colter: I tried to do a pee but my pee-pee just needs new batteries.

I hope that brightens this dreary day for you!


  1. Thank you for brightening my day. And please make this a regular blog feature.

  2. they say, out of the mouths of babes....just wait till Elliot can chime in, it will get more interesting!


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