Saturday, February 22, 2014

Baking My Way Through Winter

I can't be the only one who, when the winter seems long and cold and we are in the house for days on end, retreats to the kitchen in search of something sweet. This winter, most of my baking is coming from this book, a Christmas gift from my mom:

I have not been taking pictures and posting the recipes because I'm pretty sure posting each one as I bake my way through the book would constitute copyright infringement. But here's a glimpse of what we've been satisfying our sweet tooths (sweet teeth?) with.

The first was a chocolate fudge pie with praline crumble.

The most recent is a sweet buttermilk pie.

In between, there has been a pair of apple pies (one for the kind neighbor who uses his snowblower to help us clear out after every single storm), a roasted sweet potato cobbler, a mocha fudge cobbler, and chocolate chess pie bites. And some chocolate chip cookies. There have been no disappointments; just varying levels of decadence. 

Someone check on me come spring; I may need to be rolled out the door.


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