Saturday, June 1, 2013

A-Tisket, A-Tasket

...six vintage locker baskets.

I had been hunting around online for some kind of metal bin or basket for the shelf in our laundry room. I saw a few things I liked, but they all seemed a bit pricey. Then my friend Claudia, peruser of all things vintage, old, antique, and otherwise interesting, sent me a text that a store near her had a stack of vintage locker baskets. The size was right, I could get the six I wanted, and the price was reasonable, so I jumped on it. Well, I asked her to jump on it and she kindly went and got them for me.

Six fit nicely on the longest side of the shelf, and Claudia was able to get consecutive numbers, which makes my orderly self very happy.

Now we've managed to corral those odd-ball things that get stashed in the laundry room into matching bins that are a manageable size to get on and off this high shelf.

And though we definitely still have a ways to go in here, these are a major improvement over the previous situation.

The new baskets had the added benefit of spurring me on to sort out everything that was on that shelf and in the brown cabinet  you see below and determine if it really belonged in the laundry room. And, surprise surprise, many things really belonged in the garage or the basement. The sorting, putting away, and discarding actually allowed us to move that cabinet out of the laundry room entirely, freeing up even more floor space.

Two of the baskets are still empty, and I'm not sure what will end up in them yet (but I have no doubt they will get filled eventually). My long term goal is to move most of the things out of our coat closet into this room, leaving the closet free for more toys and games since it is in the middle of our living space. There are plenty of hooks back here for seasonal coats and jackets, and out-of-season things can go to the cedar closet upstairs. So that's the goal and eventually we'll get there. Still have to pick that paint color though...

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