Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Still Here

We've been pretty absent for a week now. I don't have a good excuse, except that we haven't been doing anything I would consider very blog-worthy. And the things we have done, like playdates and visiting with family, we've done without the camera so there isn't much to show there. Mostly we've been hanging out, staying warm and dry, and waiting on spring.

Speaking of which, spring is right around the corner. (Or so I'm told.) I looked at a planting chart for our area and it says I can start planting peas and onions and things on March 6. Eek! The garden is so far from being ready to plant anything, and the weather hasn't really been nice enough to do anything out there. I should at least be making my lists of what we will grow this year and buying some seeds.

My mom and I ventured out to a fabric store while she was here visiting and I finally got the fabric for the border of Bert's quilt, so I need to hop to it on that one. My aunt generously offered to do the hand-quilting, so I'd like to get it done to hand off to her next time we are up there. Ready for another project, Aunt Cathy?

I am telling myself to enjoy this lull before spring is really upon us and the garden needs lots of attention, before Bert wants to be outside all the time. Winter is feeling long, but we are nearing the end of our hibernation. Hang in there; we're bound to do something interesting and post about it soon.

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