Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Pumpkin Time!

Over the weekend, we took our fall drive (there will be a post on that sometime soon) and before coming home, we stopped to pick out a pumpkin. Seeing a sign for a pick-your-own patch not too far from home, we pulled in. It was getting close to Bert's nap time though and we opted to just grab one of the already picked pumpkins. When we got to the check-out, it set us back $10. Ridiculous. Won't be going back there next year. But, it is a nice pumpkin.

Oh, and Bert got to put his face in this funny scarecrow cut-out.

I thought about letting Bert finger-paint his pumpkin, but let's be honest: I'm not that patient. I couldn't stand the thought of the mess. Instead, I bought a pack of foam stickers shaped like owls, moons, trees, and stars and let him put them on.

He was a bit perturbed that the stickers stuck to his fingers. There was a lot of Clark Griswold-style hand flapping going on.

There were also a few attempts at picking up the pumpkin and hugging it.

Bert's attention span was pretty short, so he got a little help finishing up. All the more reason not to go with the finger paint.

And in case you are wondering, he isn't going to be Superman for Halloween. More to follow on that...

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