Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Weekend

We spent Easter weekend at my parents' house on the farm. As usual, it was a whirlwind of visiting and eating, but wonderful to see so much family. Bert got to hang with his cousin, second cousins, first-cousins-once-removed, grandparents, great-grandparents, uncle, great aunts and uncles, and of course mom and dad. He enjoyed ham, mashed potatoes, baked corn, and lima beans during our pre-Easter dinner, some ice cream while celebrating his great-grandpop's 89th birthday, and waffles on Easter morning. And he took his first few tottering steps! Must be that good country air.

"Hey cuz! I haven't seen you since Thanksgiving!"

Building bunny towers

"I think we have a little dirt in the carburetor."

Talking boats with Grandpop and Ernie

Reading with Mom-mom

Decorating eggs the way Keith did as a kid 
Some intense egg decorating

"What do you think the Easter bunny brought us, Uncle Travis?" 
So egg-cited!

Not quite the flavor Bert was looking for

The Easter bunny must have read the post about
the new sandbox because Bert got some tiny
sand toys!


No question who that kid looks like, huh?

"Let's go Popper!" Even Jeter is ready for his rhino ride.

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  1. What a nice weekend! And congrats (or maybe, "I'm so sorry") on those first steps. :) Soren was an early walker too, but was soooo much happier when he was mobile.


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