Sunday, March 13, 2011

Doughnut Make My Brown Eyes Blue

Yesterday morning was some errand running, all within town. Dollar store, our little soap boutique for more hand soap, the flower and gift shop for a lawn ornament, and the highlight of our weekend (drumroll please): the new doughnut shop in town! The Frying Dutchman just opened this week, much to our delight, and is fantastic. They sell freshly made cake doughnuts individually, by the half dozen, or by the dozen. They have a menu of sorts with suggested topping combinations, or you can make up your own, and they put the toppings on while you wait. Being fresh on the doughnut bar scene, we took home a six-pack of their suggestions. Oh, and it's mix and match so every one of our doughnuts was different.

We thought we would be getting an eye roll from the girl doing the toppings but she was actually really excited to have such a variety. We came home and made a pot of coffee and pretty much had doughnuts for lunch.

Just in case your mouth isn't watering yet, here's a few more shots of our doughnuts.

Sadly, the photos are all we have left now, but if you come to visit us, we will take you to The Frying Dutchman. If we come to see you, there is a strongly possibility The Frying Dutchman will come along too.

Side note: the owner told us they are considering starting a happy hour, with a doughnut or cookie and coffee special in the afternoons. Bert and I just may be regulars.

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  1. Those doughnuts look so good! We have a bakery in town that makes some of the best ones I have ever ate,they almost melt in your mouth. Blessings jane


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