Tuesday, February 15, 2011

It's A...

Today was the twenty week ultrasound and we decided to find out the gender. As it turns out, Bert is in fact a Bert, not a Bertha or Beatrice or anything. We would be excited either way, but it is just so much fun to know that we're having a boy! We're even more excited that he appears healthy and to be developing as he should, all 11 ounces of him.

He also appears to be a very active little boy. He was grabbing his toes and had his knee to his nose at one point. Ancient yoga scriptures say that babies perform all 108 postures of yoga while in the womb. He's working on them!

I was sure the ultrasound technician was going to tell us we were looking at a little girl because she pointed out how the baby's legs were crossed (very proper and lady-like) but then said, "And there are the boy parts!"

Here are the ultrasound images of our mini yogi:

And now I have to admit that I had a total spaz attack while trying to find a parking spot at the hospital. The lot where I normally park was full, the adjoining parking garage was full, and then I had to drive around the whole hospital looking for a spot because all the other lots were designated for staff parking only (and not just with signs, because I would have parked anyway; they were gated with ID card access only). I was in tears and yelling as Keith very calmly directed me into another parking garage on the opposite side of the hospital. Then I had to call the office and tell them we were there, but it would be about another ten minutes before we got to the office because we had to walk so far. Which I tried to have Keith do but he called the wrong office and thoroughly confused the receptionist there, which initiated another round of tears and yelling (from me, not the receptionist). I was so looking forward to this and was afraid that if I wasn't on time, they would give my appointment time away. Not to worry, we got there and there was only one other woman in the office so it wasn't a problem at all. It's a good thing they didn't take my blood pressure because I was pretty worked up and had hiked half way across the county by the time we got in there. So thanks to Keith for maintaining his calm during what was likely the first of many pregnancy melt-downs. 

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  1. I know you are so excited about the baby,a little boy how sweet! I am following your blog, you are welcome to follow mine as well. Blessings jane


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