Saturday, January 22, 2011

Change of Plans

I was planning on heading up to my parents' this weekend but since my dad called and said he has a nasty cold, I decided to stay put. No sense in getting sick and run down if I can help it.

What then to do with an unexpected weekend at home? Paint a baby room! Or, at least, prep a baby room to paint. We went to our local hardware store and picked up paint this morning. We had tested a few colors throughout the week (the cashier practically knows us by name) and settled on Benjamin Moore "Pale Avocado" for the walls and "Lemonade" for the trim. Yummy. Sounds like a bowl of guacamole. We went with BM's Natura No VOC line so that the fumes won't bother me or baby, now or later. Plus, with the temperatures on the East Coast hovering between single digits and the teens, we won't be opening any windows to air things out. Paint, brushes, and rollers are on hand and I have just finished washing down the walls. You would not believe how dirty the walls are in a room that we've kept closed most of the time. Keith is helping a friend lay a tile floor today so maybe tomorrow we'll start painting. Or maybe in the evenings after work. Or maybe next weekend. The baby won't be here until July so we've got time, right? I'll post some photos once we get going.

Keith also has the ambitious plan to paint the bathroom, so we picked up some kitchen & bath paint this morning too in "Cork". We tried going bright, but the "Honolulu Blue" sample scared us off and we went to the other end of the spectrum. Now, what the bathroom really needs is a total overall. I'll have to post a photo so you can get the full effect, but picture pink and blue institutional-style tile, the bottom half of the walls papered with a vertical stripe/dash blue/green/teal phenomenon, and the top half in Japanese trees of the same color. An off-white vanity glammed up gold swirls and the tackiest little shelf and over-the-toilet cabinet you can imagine. Oh, and we shrunk our shower curtain in the wash a couple weeks ago so it just looks ridiculous. Can a coat of paint help this? Time will tell. We're tossing around the idea of painting the floor but need to do some research on that end. For now, this is our $30 renovation.

Now, the pregnant lady needs her nap.

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