Thursday, October 24, 2013

Random Wreath

Forging ahead with the informal fall decor series...

In trying to keep my hands and mind busy while waiting for Elliott, I put together a little fall wreath for the front door. I wish I could give you step by step instructions, or at least tell you what little seed pods I used, but I didn't take pictures of anything but the finished project and I picked up the seed pods off street a couple years ago and don't know what they are.

I simply wrapped a styrofoam wreath with some strips of fabric leftover from Colter's quilt, covering about 3/4 of the wreath. Then I stuck the little pods, which had a stem, into the wreath, tucking moss in between to hide the styrofoam. It needed a little something else, and my mom took one look at it, glanced around the yard (I was working on the back steps) and nabbed a few dried pieces off the cornstalks in the garden to tuck in.  (I've since pinned them on so they didn't flop forward so much.)

Anybody know what these pods are? They came off a big tree down the street from our house.

And that's it. My random, thrown together, autumnal wreath. Happy fall, y'all.

1 comment:

  1. Are the pods sharp on the outside? If yes, they look like the outer shells to the chestnuts that fall off my tree out front.


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