Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Ready to Roll

One of Bert's birthday gifts from my aunts was a pair of roller skates. I remember having a pair of these as a kid, and they haven't changed except for the color. The same ratcheting, clicking noise that I remember clearly is still there and Bert is having a blast scooting around the house on them. Here's a little video my aunt sent of his first couple of minutes on skates (or his "trucks" as he called them).

So far we've just been using them in the house as he get the feel of them, but he'll be ready for the sidewalk soon. And my clever aunts included a box of band-aids with his gift, so we're covered!

Random note: roller skates for his second birthday makes me think of this Old 97s song, Rollerskate Skinny...

Rollerskate skinny and the terrible twos
How can you have everything and nothing to lose?

Go here and click on "Listen While You Read" to hear it... 

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