Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Big One

It can't possibly have been a whole year, can it? A whole year since the little man arrived? I mean, I know he's been growing all this time but come on, how can he be one already?

There he is, the first picture ever taken of him.

It is still so amazing to me that he is here, and it is almost unbelievable that he celebrated his first birthday yesterday.

We started celebrating on Wednesday while spending the 4th with Keith's family. Bert has a cousin whose birthday was on the 2nd, so we sang and had ice cream sandwich cake and opened a few gifts.

Then on Friday, my mom-mom and grandpop and aunt came and we had some more visiting and celebrating. And Bert is in love with his car from Mom-mom and Grandpop! I still need to take some pictures of it.

On Saturday morning, on his official birthday, he opened a couple of presents from Keith and I: a singing dog puppet and two wooden puzzles.

Apparently he thought there should be more in the bag than the dog because he tossed it out and went back looking for more.

Then his birthday buddy, his great-grandpop, and grandmom came bearing gifts. Wheelbarrow, shovels, rakes, and a hoe. Now this kid can get to work. It's about time right? He's had a whole year off.

After lunch we had some cupcakes.

Bert ate one. All by himself. In one continuous bite. It was like the eating version of a run-on sentence. He held the cupcake to his mouth the whole time and just kept chewing until it was gone.

Amazingly enough, his face was a mess but there were only a few crumbs on the floor. That kid knows how to clean up.

Later in the day, Memere and Popper arrived. More gifts!

A "grub scouts" sprinkler, which we tested out today. It makes kid-sized arcs. Bert just stood there for the longest time, not quite sure what he thought about it.

Then, because one cupcake wasn't enough and watching him eat it was too funny, we did it all over again.

Same method, although this time he saved the icing for last. Quick learner, huh?

Now that's a birthday.

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  1. Happy birthday C!!! I can't believe it's been a year either for our boys, and that they were hospital neighbors and now real neighbors.

    I love your description of how he ate the cupcake like a run on sentence. :)


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