Thursday, April 26, 2012

Things Are Getting Hairy

Babies grow up. Oh, do they ever. And their hair grows too. But it couldn't be time for our little man to get his first haircut, could it? Already?

Keith made the final call, saying his boy should look like a boy, not a girl. (He may or may not have referenced a few long-haired young male celebrities.) So out came the clippers. You didn't really think we were going to take Bert somewhere for his haircut, did you? We neglected to get an immediate "before" shot, but here's a pretty recent one.

We headed up to the bathroom, stripped Bert down to his diaper, put him in his Bumbo seat, and went to it. We just put the 1" guide on the same clippers I use on Keith and did his whole head, then trimmed up around his ears and evened up the back with scissors. I started cutting first, and Keith took a turn later. Bert kept trying to push my hands away.

He was more curious than scared, which was good because I was concerned he would get upset by the buzzing of the clippers.

He wasn't exactly happy, but he wasn't screaming.

"What are you doing to me?!?"

"I said a little off the top!"
 Doesn't it look like it tickles him here?

Lookin' good huh? What happened to our little baby? He looks like a kid now, not a baby!

PS: With two heads of hair to cut, those clippers are really paying for themselves! Too bad I can't just get a buzz cut too...


  1. I admire the cost cutting but u getting a buzz cut is taking it too far!

  2. I would agree with that, in my personal opinion.



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